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Skytells (AI) API(s) Are now available!

Skytells Clouded APIs for AI Technologies are free and always will be.
No need to learn ML or even training your models on your own servers!

Welcome Aboard!

Skytells for Developers offers a great solutions for developers to help them to convert their idea into a great application.

The primary way for apps to read and write to the Skytells. The Skytells API has multiple versions available, read about what has changed and how to upgrade from older versions.

What do we offer at the time?

Skytells is now offering the following API(s)

API Name Description Availability Price
AI (APIs) Artificial Intelligence APIs helps developers to create an smart applications. Available FREE
SMS API It's time to run your business with our SMS plans. Available 0.02c
Voice Calls API It's time to promote your business via phone calls, Let your Text be a spoken message. Available 0.04c
GEO IP Get full details about an IP easily N/A FREE