Skytells Release Notes


Skytells Framework is an Application Development Framework - a toolkit - for people who build web sites using PHP. Its goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. Skytells Framework lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.

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The Latest Skytells Version

At the time, The latest version of the Skytells Framework is 3.3

Maintenance Team

The current and past members of the Skytells Framework team.

@ SkytellsInc
@ Dr. Hazem Ali

Upgrading Skytells Framework

To upgrade your framework to the latest version, use the latest release on gitHub.

Download Link : Skytells Framework on GitHub

Upgrade using Git

Using your terminal perform the following command.

$ > git clone https://github.com/Skytells/Framework.git
Upgrade using Composer

Perform the following command to install it using Composer

$ > composer require skytells/framework

Refer to Upgrade Guide

Please refer to the upgrade guide for more information about upgrading your version.

Version 3.7 (March, 17, 2018)

Skytells Framework v3.7 is here!

Every update of SF includes improvements for speed and reliability. As new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you on Release Notes.

This release contains a lot of amazing features, extra components and more stability. And of course we care much about performance, The performance of the main framework core has been optimized which provide %3.4 of bootstrapping speed with less-resources including less usage of memory.

What's New ?

  • Brand-new cURL Handlers
    • Now you can build a highly secured curl calls.
    • Ability to customize requests with CustomizedActions
    • Ability to send post, get, put and delete requests all over proxies
  • Brand-new backend-Initializer
    • This Initializer provides the maximum performance when booting up your app.
    • It also secures your callback functions against low-end syscalls
    • Ability to work with magicLoader() feature provided in this release
  • Magic Loader - A Brand-new feature to autoload your components with zero performance effect
    • Now you can autoload your libraries automatically with just one call, This system analyzes your code and autoload the required components and classes automatically only when needed, to assure that your app's performance is not effected by useless files.
    • Use $this->autoload() in your controller to autoload the required libs automatically.
    • You can also configure the autoloader options from Autoload.php settings file.
    • This feature works for Models, Controllers, Handlers & 3rd-Party Libs
  • Brand-new Controller Events
    • Now you can inject your events directly to the CoreBase controller before & after it being loaded, using the Controller Events, We've highlighted a dummy examples on the default Home Controller.
  • Brand-new CLI Commands
    • You can now perform a commands like create project - create-project
    • Ability to recover & build the migrations automatically
  • Extra CoreBase Security Added
  • New Security Rules for protected methods added

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixes
    • Fixes the issue Method not found when trying to inject a namespaced lib
    • Autoloader issue Unable to load Controller fixed
    • Fixed the router issue that breaks up the entire system when using a callback function.
    • MVC Urls for Corebase files secured against HTTP direct access.
    • Core Fixes
  • Improvements
    • Performance is now optimized by 3.4%
    • MySQL driver is now optimized to support unlimited databases
    • ORM System improvements
    • MySQLi Objective Driver Optimized.
    • Translator Engine's performance boosted up by %9.
    • SF Loader Improved
    • Booting up improved to auto-detect the required files to load the controller


There's no deprecations between v3.6 to v3.7 (This Release) If you going to perform an upgrade from an origin release which less than 3.6 so please refer to the previous release notes for v3.6

Version 3.6 (Jan 13, 2018)

What's New ?

  • Brand-new Proxies for Oxygen Compiler
    • a lot of extra featured added to the OxygenCompiler.
    • Methods first(), setExtension, getExtension, setExtensionResolver Added.
    • Methods like make & exists are now supported.
    • These methods allows you to manage & render your oxygen views easily.
  • Ultrafast Autoloader Added.
  • Support of composer packages in oxygen views added.
  • Extra Commands for Skytells CLI added.
    • You can now create Aliases using the create command.
  • Easy Dependencies Injector Added.
    • Instead of using the autoloader to load your controllers or models, you can now use the inject function to inject a Controller or a Model directly into your Class when needed.
  • Support of Blade Views when rendering UI views.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixes
  • Skytells CLI issue #1 performed by init cmd fixed.
  • MicroUI views compiler issue fixed.
  • Autoloader RuntimeError issue fixed.
  • Core-dependencies caching issue fixed.
  • ServiceProvider Bootstrapping issue fixed.
  • Improvements
  • OxygenCompiler Performance Optimized.
  • Container Aliases Optimized.
  • MySQLi Objective Driver Optimized.
  • Translator Engine's performance boosted up by %18.
  • Container Aliases Improved
  • SF Loader Improved


The following methods & paths have changed.


In this release of Skytells Framework the Alliances definition'd changed to Aliases, including it's path and callable methods.

Path of : Application/Resources/Controllers/Alliances -- ( v3.0 to v3.5 ) Changed to : Application/Resources/Controllers/Aliases -- ( v3.6 and later )

  • Global Changes :
    • Controller Method AddAlliances() is now depreciated.
    • From now on, Please use AddAliases() instead of using the old depreciated.
  • Autoload config
    • Array key $ALCONF['Alliances'] changed to $ALCONF['Aliases']
  • Dummy Alias file Home.php's namespace changed.
    • From App\Controllers\Alliances to App\Controllers\Aliases

Version 3.5 (Jan 10, 2018)

What's New ?

  • Quick Project Creation
    • Now with just one CLI command, you can create your entire project.
  • Trusted-Proxy
    • Trusted Proxy tells Skytells about proxies that can be trusted and how to map X-Forwarded-* headers from the request.
  • Responsable Interface
  • Easy Migrations
    • With easy-migration system you can build your database easily via CLI
  • Easy Routing
    • You can now assign() an HTTP/HTTPS routes directly to controllers.
    • Of course you can bind your Args with your route rule
  • Dynamic Oxygen Templates
    • The brand-new view methods like View::first() helps saving your time.
  • Brand new CLI Commands
    • create-project calls the project creation wizard.
    • create view {NAME} creates a new oxygen view.
  • Namespaces Auto-Discovery
    • When using ServiceProviders Skytells will resolve the namespace automatically for each service-provider which called in the workspace controller.


  • Core improvements and fixes
  • CLI commands create model & create migration issue fixed.
  • Oxygen Compiler optimized
  • ORM System Optimized
  • Capsule DB Manager Optimized
  • Performance Optimization


There are no depreciations for this release.

Version 3.4 (Jan 01, 2018)

Skytells Framework v3.4 is here! First of all, This is the 1st release in 2018 and the 17th of Skytells framework's development history.

This release contains a lot of amazing features, extra components and more stability. And of course we care much about performance, The performance of the main framework core has been optimized which provide %9 of bootstrapping speed with less-resources including less usage of memory.

What's New ?

  • Brand new dependency injection system.
    • Service Providers & Contracts
  • Brand new dependency resolver
    • Which provide fast bootstrapping and optimized performance
  • Brand-new CLI Commands.
    • create migration & create eloquent Added.
  • Precoded App Templates
    • Precoded templates are developed for fast-coding.


  • Performance optimized by 9% ( Faster than v3.3 )
  • Core & Kernel fixes
  • View Driver optimized
  • Skytells Components optimized
  • BASH Debugger bootstrapping issue fixed.
  • Developer Console Exceptions on PHP < 5.5 fixed.
  • New Ecosystem for kernel dependencies
  • Capsule DB Manager Optimized


There are no depreciations for this release.

Version 3.3 (Dec 30, 2017)

This release contains a lot of amazing features, extra components and more stability.

In terms of Performance with this release which comes with a tons of components and new features which requires more resources and may decrease performance, But guess what? The benchmarks for this release is much faster by 42% than any older release.

Whats New?

  • Brand-new Helpers Added.
    • Common & Security
  • Brand new CLI Helpful Command
    • make, create and build
  • Brand-new Handlers Added.
    • Http Improved & Hash Added.
  • Dependency Preloader Added
    • You can now preload your handlers, helpers, libraries upon starting up.
  • Extra Options for Autoloader


  • Performance optimized by 12%
  • Core fixes
  • Template Engines optimized
  • Cache Drivers optimized
  • Make command in CLI fixed
  • Developer Console Exceptions fixed.


  • [ Method ] Accessing DB directly from controllers via GrantDBAccess.
    • Models are developed to deal with databases, Please use them instead of using the databases directly from the controllers for security reasons.
  • [ Method ] The Controller method use('service')->on((OBJECT)) is depreciated.
    • Use the Skytells Loader for more stability for your web-app.
  • [ Namespace ] The Model namespace Skytells\Database is depreciated.
    • Use the Skytells\Wrappers instead of using Skytells\Database on your models.

Version 3.2 (Dec 25, 2017)

Whats New?

  • New Components Added.
  • Databases & Skytells Models
    • ORM System Added.
    • Database Migrations Models
    • Working with multiple databases overseas all in one place.
    • Seeding overseas databases using Seeders
  • Alias System (HMVC) Now across the entire Models & Controllers
  • Composer Supported Now.
  • Performance Optimized.
  • Namespaces applications are now welcomed
  • New UI Handler & Developer Console
  • Brand-new cache drivers
    • APC
    • Memcache
    • FileCache
  • Brand-new two Built-in Translation Engines
    • Micro-Translator
    • Skytells Translator
  • Skytells CLI supports extra commands
    • Auto Routes Generation using Built-in AI.
    • Full control of Database Migrations & models.
    • Built-in Web Server
    • More than 30+ operations can be performed using CLI.
  • Self-Check for an updates.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Skytells's core performance improved
  • Brand-new developer console.
  • Runtime fixes
  • Kernel fixes
  • Core fixes.
  • Improvements of UI Rendering Performance.
  • Firewall & Security Fixes.
  • Skytells now uses less memory & resources.
  • More Improvements and fixes.